Studio137 website up and running

Studio137 websiteIf you’ve visited the Studio137 website in the past you’ll have noticed that it’s in serious need of an update.

Well finally the new site is up and running. It’s a very simple site, since ultimately it is a temporary solution until time allows and something more elaborate can be created, but for the time being it has all the relevant information regarding the company.

The other exciting development is the addition of this blog. We hope to make it a valuable resource for information as well as allow potential clients and current clients the opportunity to view our other work. Also we plan to keep well up to date with news and information regarding products, updates and maybe in the future tutorials

Lastly don’t miss our facebook page and you can also follow us on twitter

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  1. Steve says:

    Try pressing CRTL+F5 when you’re on the site, since the new site is now working as viewed above, you must be viewing the cached version

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