Making it easy to contact us

We, at Studio137, are committed to giving you our 100%. Whether you hire us for a small job or to create and run multi-layered, complex systems,  YOU are a highly valued client.

As many of you know, Studio137 has now emerged as a global enterprise, with two offices – one in South Africa, manned by Cameron, and the other in India, where I am currently based – and clients from around the world. However, even though the scope of our business has multiplied tremendously, we still aim to provide personalized service and want to be easily available for assistance as and when you need it.

I live in India for most of the year, but plan to spend a few weeks in South Africa every three to six months. I want to assure you that my working from another country has absolutely no bearing on our productivity, management, delivery of services etc. Interestingly, our presence in two continents has opened some remarkable doors, enabled us to liaison with a global network of professionals, and ultimately helped us to move towards achieving greater efficiency. Along with a rapidly growing team of freelancers, the core team of Studio137 has seen two notable additions: our PR and Marketing representative, EJ Hill, based out of South Africa, and our in-house copywriter, blogger and editor, Divya Chowfin, who lives in India.

I would also like to specify the various ways in which you can contact us at Studio137:

  • Email us:
  • Skype us:
    Our Skype ids are studio137dms or camjmills
  • Call us:
    Cameron: +27 84 3052082 (SA)
    Stephen: +91 9717067226 (India)
    EJ Hill: +27 72 7566606 (SA)
  • Phone call to India to costly? You can SMS me and I will call you back no matter where you are located. Please don’t forget to mention your details in the SMS.
Thank you for standing with Studio137 and giving us the privilege of helping your business grow.

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