Three simple ways to get more traffic to your website

In today’s day and age, online marketing for any business venture isn’t just a great idea, it is absolutely essential. You might have an excellent website with stunning pictures, eloquent text and cool features, but if it still isn’t doing much for business, chances are that it’s failing to pull in the crowds, and not just any crowds – the right audience. Here are a few quick, cheap and easy tips to help direct more traffic to your website:

Social Media

Social Media has taken the world by storm. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ have changed the way people connect, communicate, socialize, promote, conduct business, shop….live! Here are some staggering statistics: In 2013 Britons spent 62 million hours on social media per day! And an average American was on social media for 3 plus hours each day. It’s time to join the bandwagon.

Start with creating a Facebook page for your business; don’t forget to mention your web address on your “About” section; consistently post relevant information on the page; join and post comments on related Facebook groups with a link to your website. This will generate interest and direct traffic to your website.

Blog away!

Blogging has emerged as a super-powerful marketing tool. Staring out is easy – you can create a free blog at or The more difficult part is keeping your blog fresh and updated – aim to post at least an article once a week. Most importantly –  remember to include your website address in posts and comments. Also, feel free to comment on other  bloggers’ posts that are relevant to yours and mention your website link.

Marrying the old and the new

While online marketing seems to be the way to go, traditional tools must not be written-off too quickly. Offline tools can also be used to drive traffic to your website and ultimately to more business and sales. Here’s how: get your website out there: brochures, visiting cards, letterheads, car stickers, everywhere..don’t forget to mention your website.

These are three simple means to help boost the hits on your website.

However, you might find that simple steps like these aren’t always enough to push your business. In addition, you may prefer professional assistance or may not have the time to maintain a weekly blog. We have some good news for you. Studio137 is now offering a complete platform of customized services that go beyond just initially building your website. We have a professional copywriter on board who can write quality articles for you; we offer SEO packages that will help convert your visitors into customers; and launch online marketing campaigns among other things. Please contact us for more details.


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